Audio Aero Prima 24/192 CDP vs Meridian 507

Anyone compare the two? Looking to upgrade my Rotel RCP 971 BX for my system of:

Classe CA 100 amp
Classe CP 35 Pre
Martin Logan Aries i speakers
Cardas Neautral Ref ICs
Analysis Plus Oval 9's bi-wired

Even if I said I compared the Prima to the Meridian, why would that have any importance to you? Who am I? Your ears are what count. Not mine. I will say this: the Prima is one killer cdp. I love mine. You got to do the deed yourself--the comparison that is...peace, warren
I would be interested in other peoples thoughts on these, as I don't have a local or nearby dealer for either.

I am right now trying to decide between the cary 306/200 used, Audio Aero Prima (new), Gamut (New), and the Sony SACD (new mailorder, since my local dealer can't get it to play SACD's???)
Anyone still using an Audio Aero spinner?