Audio Aero Prima 24/192 C.D Player

I can not afford the new Capitole player but have been considering the Prima instead. Could you give me your opinions on this player, also how does it compare to the Capitole in sound.
A very good player for the money.Fortunately you have a good deal of choices in this price range.Compared to the Capitole,it certainly can keep up in many aspects,but lacks the overall detail,and warmth of the of the latter.
The Prima is quite good. What you loose with the Prima is the ability to run without a preamp. The Capitole while being more expensive, gives you an remote controlled analog gain.

If you run one source and could get rid of your preamp, you may be able to free some extra cash to swing the Capitole.

What is the rest of your system?
My system consists of the following:
CEC TL-2 transport
EVS Millennium DAC-2
Herron VTSP-1 Pre-amp
Herron M150 Mono block amps
Avalon Arcus Speakers
All cables by Z cable
Shunyata Hydra for A.C. conditioning
I would also might consider the Prima D to A Converter which nobody talks about to get close to the Capitole sound if a good deal came around.
The Prima is a great cd player.
Very good value for money.
Tweety: If you sell the CEC, EVS and the Herron, you should be able to afford the Capitole. It is well worth it. The Prima D/A is terrific as well, but the real purity comes when you avoid the preamp with the Capitole.