Audio Aero Prima

Hi there,
ATM I'm considering a possible upgrade from my Camelot Uther 2.0 MkIV DAC (with latest upgrade including 24/192 Anagram chip) to an Audio Aero Prima DAC SE.
I'd like to know how the AA fares against more modern DACs nowadays. And, if by any chance, someone knows my current DAC and the AA Prima DAC SE.
I like my Uther DAC very much, especially because of it's very refined sound, but I can't help feeling that the HF is rolled off, especially after comparing it to other DACs. Would the Prima DAC have the same type of sound?
Hope someone can help me out.
best regards
Hello Andre,

I used to own an Audio Aero Prima Mk II SE DAC. I've never heard the Uther DAC, but I can give you my impressions of the AA DAC.

I don't think the high frequency of the Audio Aero is rolled off, but it is also not as resolving in the higher frequencies as modern good solid state DACs. There was a rather large mid-bass hump in the tube output stage of the Audio Aero that made the DAC sound quite warm and obscured the low bass to a degree.

The Audio Aero DAC was very well built, could double as a preamp because it had analog inputs and an excellent volume control, and was a pleasure to use. However, I thought the excessive mid-bass was an issue in my system, but might mate better in your system.

Hi Alan,
firt of all, thanks for taking the time to help me out.
I definitely want something rather neutral, very detailed without losing musicality. I'm not looking for sth 'warm' since my Gryphon is slightly on the 'warm' side of things, though I think that musical would be a better word.
Would you have any ideas of a good DAC with a pre, remote, volume and balance control that would have great resolution and would be mostly neutral.
thanks in advance
best regards
I owned the AA Prima DAC ( the last one imported to the USA). I found it incredibly musical and resolving. The preamp section was "just okay" compared to my ARC LS 25mkII ( the ARC had bass and dynamics).
Hi Mykesinger,
did you have the mid-bass issues with the Prima DAC?
Could you and Alan please tell me what your system was like at that time?
best regards