Audio Aero Prestige Upsampling

If you own one of these you may have had transport problems..mine's been repaired once...just a loose connection but it's acting up again so I'm just using the DAC with another player as a I bypassing the upsampling stage through the digital input?

You are not alone is having failed Audio Aero products. They are very poorly made and the customer service (at least from here in the States is awful). I have a Capitole player. Your manual should state whether the digital input gets upsampled or not and also whether this can be set by you. I believe on my Cap the digital input is upsampled. Though, its broken (surprise surprise) at moment. Went back to France a while ago and has never worked since its return.

Audio Aero products are just plain unreliable, IMO/IME. The service shop in Arizona seems to be completely incapable of doing anything, other than just changing the tubes. So don't even bother sending your equipment there, just send it straight to France and keep your fingers crossed.
Thanks...if it turns out that it is upsampled it's long term future for me is as a DAC...I think it's spun it's last disc
I feel for you. It is disappointing to spend this type of money for a product that is so unreliable.
Yep I'm in the same boat.I have two.One Prestige works /other on doesn't.
Until I can find something better.
How does the Transport sound?
I am wondering about a "Sound Science Diamond" Transport.
Seems simple and doesn't require a computor.Anyone try these?
I'm pretty sure the digital sampling remains at 24/192.And does not upsample SACD from outboard transport.
Using the Analogue inputs with a phono stage ,sounds great to me.
All data feed into the digital inputs of a Prestige (or a Capitole Ref) are feed through the STARS processing system and hence are up-sampled. The SPDIF digital inputs on the Prestige and I think the current Capitole Ref does accept up to 24/96 data though and as I understand it up-samples 24/96 through the stars system as well to 24/192 (24/96 source material played this way sounds really good too!).

As a (not current) long time Audio Aero dealer, I understand customers frustrations with the reliability. To be honest, its leagues better now than it was back in the day of the MK1 and early MKII Capitole's. The main issues seem to come from shipping here in the US which is not very transport friendly.

Good news is that Audio Aero has a Distributor once again in the USA: On a Higher Note (Philip O Hanlon)(949) 488 3004
Thanks again for your replies. Looks like I'll be keeping it. I'm going to pick up a server system for the front end. That should do the trick.