Audio Aero Prestige new trans cannot read cd/sac

My Prestige, equipped with the new Sony transport, has problem in reading CD/SACD. The player simply stops reading, lies quietly, plays no music for a few seconds before it and music resume.

Do any Prestige owner have the same experience as I do?

Yes, the first thing I did was to remove the solder blob. Anyway, the Prestige is long gone now and the La Fontaine rules the roost. It is a brilliant player.
This is my history with the brand, and this is one advice for someone that thinks in buy one AA equipment, this is the kind behavior with customers who spend a small fortune and get a silence when they needs help.
This is the type of manufactures that do not treat their customers ethically, in the last 8 years I bought one AA amplifier prestige and one audio aero capitole MK2 , then made the upgrade for one AA prestige, in the past I tried to communicate with the factory and never received an answer, now that we do not have representative in Brazil, I tried to communicate with the factory in Lyon about a problem with AA prestige, and again they did not answered me, honestly do not even want to go near another audio aero eletronic, this brand is champion in bad service for the customers. Maybe I am not the only with thi kind of problem.
Well sorry about the service at AA.Yes they are the worst.
But they will answer you eventually.
As Davidsailor said ,it sure hurts to upgrade to the LaFontaine,but it is so nice it lessens the pain.
Just a little update on how this turned out for me. I decided to try the same fix as Masilu. I bought the laser assembly online, and changed it myself. I quite easy operation, I'm no mechanic. To my suprise the Prestige now plays both SACD an cd's perfectly. Before the lens change it wouldn't spin at all.

I tried first a lens named Sony KHM 310 AAA which looked quite similar, however this did not work. I could also see that the circuits on the electronic board was different from the original one. The specificaton was also missing the W/M letters.

The lens that worked was this:

Sony KHM-310AAA W/M

PS: Remember to unsolder the ESD protection blob on the laser assembly.
What is an ESD protection blob and where on the laser assembly is it located?