Audio Aero Prestige new trans cannot read cd/sac

My Prestige, equipped with the new Sony transport, has problem in reading CD/SACD. The player simply stops reading, lies quietly, plays no music for a few seconds before it and music resume.

Do any Prestige owner have the same experience as I do?


I had similar problems

changed lens = sony KHM 310 AAA = $6
brought it through net, replaced by local mechanic.


am so happy
Could you let me know more about your problem with the AA Prestige. I seem to have the same problem. Did your mechanic simply change the laser or the whole motor/sled assembly. I am about to dismantle my player to see if I can identify the laser/assembly part number. It has been fitted with the Sony transport.
I get the impression that the problem may be slightly worse with burnt copies and also seems to be more likely to happen on the higher track numbers. I would really appreciate any comments you have. I am in Australia.

Best regards, David.
Agree with your problamatic results 100% . Mine does the same word for word.I sorta live with it as it is a spontaneous event. Audio Aero cannot source any repair parts as those particular parts originated in China.I see that they offer a trade-in upgrade with added expense.So I'd be interested to find out if you obtain the same success as Masilu.
My previous players such as Capitole MK1 & MK11 did not have any issues.
Thanks for you comments. I had the lid off today and see that the Sony transport looks like the flimsy type you would see in any old player. AA have mounted it on some rubber standoffs but other than that it looks pretty average. It's surprising that the Prestige sounds so very, very good but I suppose the secrets in the Anagram module. I put a CD laser cleaning disk in the player but it did nothing. Whilst it was playing up I gently poked around with a plastic stick on PCB's and connectors but no difference. I cleaned the laser with some alcohol/water solution and a barely damp cotton bud and the sonics seemed a little better. But I had to go out before I could see if it was stil acting up. One thing I couldn't see was any type label on the transport/laser. I might have to unscrew a few bits. I have read just about every word on the net about the AA and even studied the theory and practise of the mechanism. The laser assembly mentioned by Masilu seems to be readily available ex China and elsewhere (even here in Australia). Whilst carefully cleaning the laser I was surprised by how flexibly it is mounted and I can see it moving around as it focusses etc. No I didn't stare into the beam. Anyway, I'll post any success I have.

I got the exact same problem with my Prestige. I got mine serviced at my dealer, he cleaned up the drive, and added some lube. This helped for abt 4-5months, however now the problem are starting again. I'm also considering changing the laser, and would really appreciate any experience you might have!