Audio Aero Players

Good Day-

anyone own these CD or SACD players in a current system? A Previous system? If so, please comment.
I have been using the Prestige for over a year now and couldn't be happier. It is the closest sounding CD/SACD player to LP.
I've had the original version AA Capitol 24/192 in my system for about 3 years. Had the tubes and transport replaced about a year ago. Good, warm, full bodied sound and trouble free performance.
I've been listening to the Capitole Mk II SE for 3-4 years. Very musical, fatigue free, nice resolution, not one issue mechanically.
I have been using the latest Capitole Reference since last couple of months and the experience has been fabulous. It has so many things to offer when it comes to air, fluidity and soundstage, it is an ear opener.
I've owned all the above except the Capitole Ref. which is the best non SACD they have made.I liked them all just kept up with the newest versions.Still own a Prestige.
I also traded up a Prestige to a "LaFontaine".Right out of the box a real nice performer.
Now going on three months use and just finally broke in this past weekend.This player will be the last for me.
First player I've heard that portrays the performers interaction between each other so clearly that it seems real.I've both the vinyl and cd version of some albums and the cd version is preferred to my ears in most.
I used to have the Prima. Not the last word in detail or dynamics, but a very good ,non digital sounding player.