Audio Aero MK II BNC Output to Mac Digital input?

I 've been slowly moving my discs to computer PC, however it occured to me suddenly that my disc spinner in the Audio Aero ought to be able to output a better signal than the built in drive on the computer. Considering the costs involved, it had better! Problem: How do you connect the AA digital output connector (BNC) to the Apple G5 tower digital input, which is TOSLINK. I've surfed all over the web and can't find a solution. Any ideas?

Sorry. I go the other way. Toslink into the AA MkII. All of my sources go into the AA DAC...Why go from....?
Hi Unclejeff,

I'm interested in using the AA as a transport, feeding the G5 and creating files in Itunes, as opposed to using the computer drive to get the files into iTunes. You would think, or at least hope, that the AA drive would have some benefit over the $29 drive in the computer.
intresing! I would check out who manufactures the disc drive in AA unit. Heck the darn thing just may not be as good as the $29.00 drive in the computer.
Just my 2 cents.