Audio Aero Direct into Amps.

Has anyone experienced any issues with using the AA Cap CDP direct into their power amp? I am considering this player to drive my Pass Labs X-250 power amp and eliminate my preamp.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I run mine direct and balanced into Krell mono's. In a search here and at AA I found this to be the prefered method by far, at least by those who answered the question. No issues, it sounds wonderful.
I have run mine into Pass, Atma-Sphere, Classe, Kora, and others. Never had any problems and love the sound.
I run mine directly into a pair of Classe' CAM 350 monoblocks and really like the sound. You can't go wrong running it directly into the Pass amp and will like the savings of not having to buy a world class preamp.
I have responded to this question in the past. Not only do I run my Audio Aero Capitole Mark II into my McIntosh 2102 amp, but I also bi-amp it into a pair of self powered electrostatic speakers that sit in my office.

It did take me a while to part with my preamp as I had always liked to listen to my music with a slight boost to both bass and treble. When I took fellow audiogoners' advice and simply ran my AA direct to my amp(s), I was in pure heaven!