Audio Aero Capitole Reference SE - shutdown ??

I just received my Audio Aero Capitole Reference SE. When I turn the unit on from the rear the display lights up. After (5) seconds it goes blank and the unit shuts down. After numerous attempts the problem has not gone away. Have any other owners experienced this problem? Your help is greatly appreciated .........
Mine had somewhat similar problem. It turns on, plays for a while and shuts down. sometimes it plays for a long time. totaly unpredictable.

I took my player to an expert mechanic. He solved the problem by replacing the AC/DC Power module ( KAM 3005-Chinfa electronics, Tiwan 27 pounds)

Now it works perfectly. A VERY GOOD CD PLAYER, i love it

Dr Francis
Check all the flat lead plug connections.I would do a replug on all of them. Good luck.