Audio Aero Capitole Reference / PC - Isolation?

I'm acquiring an AA Capitole Reference SE player. It has replaced the AA Prima MKII. What Power Chord and Isolation are others using with the unit? My existing PC ( Shunyata Taipan Helix VX ) is too short. It worked extremely well with the Prima MKII. Since the Capitole will sit on top of the rack verses inside the rack. I have to get a longer chord. I'm also interested in what Vibration Isolation others are using with the player. Thank you in advance for your input.
I use a 'Neuance' Board ( no longer made), used it on my MKI,MKII and Prestige.Personally don't fancy the Granite or Marble bases but may work well changing the Black Diamonds with something else or other combinations.Check out "Black Ravioli"Isolation(no kidding on the name)if you can find them.
For power cords and I have used many, many. I currently for about a year now am using a "Fusion Audio" 'Enchanter' and an 'Impulse' on the amp.
Really clear,dynamic with great imaging,and no ragged edges.
But there is many to choose from just my response.

I am using cardas golden reference power cord,interconnect & walker audio valid points under my capitol reference with good results.

May i know what improvement you found in capitol over prima.
I am using a Gingko Cloud 9 with Final Daruma feet and Nordost Valhalla power chord. Adding a VPI 'brick' on the translucent tray further adds resolution. Try an Acoustic Revive REM8 under the power supply
I am using Foundation Research pc/conditioner. Black Ravioli isolation pads (available from Globe Audio Marketing, the Canadian AA distributer) on top of an MSB brassman plate. (alternating sandwiched multi layers of rubber and lead) Also put a black ravioli in between interconnect ends, this made a big improvement as it eliminated vibrations travelling up the wires. I have a Van art speak black rubber mat for on top of cd's, also available from Globe Audio.
I second Fusion Audio PCs, I found great sinergy using a Fusion Audio Enchanter, after trying Combak, VDH, Cardas, Electraglide, HT Magic and several others.
I have tried several feet and vibration dampers under the Capitole. Usually the standard Black Diamond Racing cones sound the best, however Equarack footers cleaned up the bass & lower midrange while increasing definition and musicality.

Congrats on your purchase.

I currently use symposium rollerblocks (series 2+), double stacked with grade 3 balls on a symoposium isis platform. Personally, I think this approach works quite well but results may vary due to system configuration and personal preferences. I use this type of mechanical grounding throughout my entire system! The resolution in the highs and mids is simply unbelievable with the rollerblocks in this configuration. Transients and dynamic swings are also reproduced very well. If there is an issue with these rollerblocks ... it is that they tend to add some metallic tinge to the highs (very slight but present). This is probably due to the fact that symposium acoustics use metal in the bodies of the rollerblocks and also in their isolation platforms. In some systems, the overall sound may come across as too lean after the introduction of these rollerblocks ... but this is not the case in mine.

I've heard the capitole with the black raviolis at Globe Audio. Although the listening session was very brief, what I heard was a more CORRECT sound but also a slightly less resolved sound compared to the rollerblocks. I may be biased in favour of the rollerblocks ... having spent quite a bit of time with them in my system. Overall, the entire frequency range seemed more balanced with the black raviolis. The music had good energy, a low noise floor and was quite palpable with these things under the player. I will defintely try some in my system; my understanding is that the sound improves further once the pads and the components settle down.

There are 2 other products out there for the capitole. One is the SRA Ohio XL isobase and the other is the Critical Mass Master Reference platform. I don't have any exprience with either of these so if any owners come across this post please feel free to share. Both products are generally well regarded ... but VERY expensive compared to the raviolis.

Powercords tried on the capitole:

Cardas Golden Reference (brutal, too slow, rolled off at both ends)

Revelation Audio Labs Precept (very good match after break-in, even though it's silver)

Shunyata Black Mamba v2 (the upper mids and highs had some timbre issues with this cord, bass was overdone)

Shunyata Anaconda vx (excellent powercord for this player, one of the best)

Electraglide Epiphany X.2 (also an excellent powercord, more organic but less clear than the anaconda vx)

Kubala Sosna Emotion (my favorite)

It is worth mentioning that the Nirvana powercords also match very well with the audio aero players ... one of the reasons Globe Audio uses them. People could save a lot of money by using these reference level cables throughout their systems. Unbelievable value for the money!

Good luck with your search ... I hope you will find the right combo for your system.
I prefer the black raviolis!

...after a few days of settle in.

The rollerblocks do bass better. And carry more detail in the highs. That's it!
I second the Shunyata Anna Helix(non magic crystals).
I use the stock feet but put the tips into the screw hole section of the Black Diamond square mini blocks.
The blocks are blue tacked onto a steel plate and that on top of a butcher block on a generic metal rack that has been damped and filled.
The PC I should note is conected to a Shunyata Hydra 2 that is directly connected to a dedicated 30 amp line .
I used to use a 20 amp Anna Helix to run the Hydra into a Furman IT 1220, but after trial and error,the hydra directly connected to a dedicated line with a 20 amp iec seems to improve the sound the way others say the upgrades do.
My take on this is that the stock player is only as good as the power it receives.
Improve the power to the player and it will reward you with improved sound.
I would like to try a SE modded version of my player to compare, but in the interim,I have substantially improved all aspects of the Capitole's sound for the better.