Audio Aero Capitole or GNS mod on Opus 21

OK I have decided upgrading to the Capitole, but am now wondering if I should just send my Opus 21 to Steve for the reference upgrade. Any opinions on these two players.
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TPK123 I think hits an important nail with his brief comparison of the AA and the Opus. He feels as though he is getting every detail with the Opus while the AA lacks some of the finest details, in particular at the highs and lows. They are very different players, one producing one of the sweetest most beautiful midranges with virtually no notice of digital sound in the AA. The other having strengths in the highs and excellent bottom end punch, with more detail but lacking the smoothness of the AA.

So I am in agreement with the comments that they are not in the same league.

The opus stomps the AA with bottom end punch, top end detailed extension and overall detail.

The AA stomps all over the Opus in the midrange, smooth as butter, none digital sound.

So pick your stomping grounds based on your system, your desires and what matters most to you with your music.