Audio Aero Capitole MKII & Stillpoints anyone?

just wondering if anyone has any experience with using Stillpoint isolation cones or similar as a replacement for the stock BDR cones.

I never tried the Stillpoints. But I did put a BDR Source Shelf under the MKII with stellar results ........
Anyone else try other similar isolalation devices in the Capitole CD Player. The two that I've got in mind to date are the Symposium Rollerblocks and the Stillpoints

Hi All,

Okay, I'll change the tune slightly. Can anyone recommend any other fantastic isolation devices. Cones, blocks, pads, etc... which can have benefical effect on CD sound from players like the Capitole MKII.

Get the Stillpoints. If you don't like them on your CD player they will definitely be good elsewhere in your system. I love them on my turntable but haven't tried them on my transport. I love that they can support heavy weights which few items can.
I have Audio Aero prestige which comes tuned with 3 black black diamond cones. New Ultra SS Stillpoints were not as involving as the stock BDR. Would not mess with perfection.
There is one amazing inert device that I use.
"Black Ravioli".
Cheap and you'll never want to remove them.
You'll just want to get more.