Audio aero capitole mk2 need help repairing

Dear: friends,

I have owned this great mk2 cdp for years, recently problem starts to appears, it switches off by itself and turns back on again while playing, and this switching on and off wont stop untill i have to power down the unit and let it rest for a few seconds before turning the power on again. However, this happens in sequence like after a few minute again while playing. It keeps on switching on and off by itself while playing.

I really love this aero, one of the best, most intimate, detail and warm digital player, and it is hard for me to find a replacement, so i would kindly seek help on similar problem and resolution to repair this...

Pls help...thanks alot and I would appreciate any advice....
I would suggest contacting the importer for AA. I'm sure
he can help you. "On A Higher Note:
Audio Aero repair is out of Sedona, AZ last time I checked. They did a repair / upgrade on my Audio Aero Prima DAC. Easy to work with and fast turn around. Hope that helps.
I have a 'new' Chinfa KAM3005. I bought it for my Prestige which was doing the same thing as yours.I also traded up to a LaFontaine.
If you cannot find one,let me know.
Dear: peter

Thanks for the info, i managed to get one, repair is on its way. Thanks guys..

I have the same problem with my "Reference", but I do not find a dealer which sells CHINFA KAM3005. Does anybody knows where I could buy it.

Many thanks.
I found it on
Dear: guys

The chinfa is no longer made, it has been discontinued, but you could buy it from relec uk, they still have them in stock. Guys, some says the ayon cd5 is a serious contender to aero, any opinion?
is your problem solved after replacing the chinfa?
Peterd, I have the same problem with my Capitole. Do you still have the extra CHINFA KAM3005 for sale?


Just did a a repair for a buddy on his Audio Aero as the Chinfa was shot. I replaced it with a replacement unit from Mouser it was about $20 - if you shoot me an email I can send you some picture of how i made it fit and Ill look for the part number for the DC unit - I cannot remember it of the top of my head.

Good Luck

DC Replacement module

This is the one

Best of luck

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the quick response. I found a Chinfa KAM3005 and ordered it, so the part is on its way. Will let you know if I have any trouble installing it but I anticipate it's just a straight swap. Thanks again for the help offered though. I do appreciate it.

best regards,

Hi I have a prestige which does the same it started switching on and off mostly off. when I opened the top the 2 tubes are still oWhat is the chinfa KAM3005 and where do I obtain it and where does it go can an audio repair man do it he does high end sort of - electrocompaniet, etc does anyone have a manual for repair. Thanks Thw prestige is good I just sold my capitole mk2 and a week later my prestiges goes down thanks jose crespo
Amperidian. Where have you buy your CHINFA KAM3005? I can't get no where. Thanks
guys, its been a while since I finally managed to get the chinfa KAM3005. I put it in the storage for a while (almost a year now) waiting for the perfect time to replace it. Just recently I had a leisure time to open the Capitole mk2 lid thinking to replace the dc module, but ..viola, I did not see any CHINFA there inside the capitole..

Oops, anyone knows or have opinion where is this Chinfa located in the gut of this CDP please?.. Thanks alot Guys..

My question as well, guys, what is a chinfa KAM3005?

Do all AA players have this module?
Second note;

anyone having problem(s) w/ their La Fontaine?
The Chinfa KAM3005 is a AC - DC Module takes anything for 85V to 240V AC and converts it to 5VDC to feed the digital circuits in the AA players. Its no longer available but there are several suitable replacement modules available. Thy are however not plug and play, they need to be relocated to in front of the power supply card then hardwired back to the card.

At the same time it is a good idea to properly heat sink the TO220 regulators etc on the Power supply card as it shows the run too hot.

Best of luck

No problems with my La Fontaine. Is there issues Ja ?
For anyone who needs it I have a Chinfa power supply.
Cheers, Peter
Hello Peter,

historically, AA has had problem(s) w/ their players. I must say that you are the 1st person I have heard of owning the La Fontaine. Beautiful looking player. I would love to get a demo or see it in a dealers/retailers shop sometime.

All said, I simply wanted to inquire about the player and any associated problem/issue(s).

Happy Listening!
Dear: My respected fellow Audiogoners..

And My great respect for Mr. Peter, The president of PBN Audio..who had sent me a detailed and helpful upgrade guide regarding this issue which I initiated. My thank You, is beyond words I could express for His kindness and generosity.

I sent out my Capitole to a knowledgeable repair man in my country and passed him all the information which I had obtained from Mr. Peter thoroughly..(because he was not sure of how to do this in the first place, given there was no available exact match of module in the market)

With the knowledge in hand, The Repair man was dare to conduct the procedure, he initially did some checks before the procedure, and found that the AC/DC module was actually working well with no issue..

However, He suspected out that it was the dirty voltage and unstable - voltage drop issue which is very common in my country that caused the shutting down problem. He suggested me to try adding an automatic voltage stabiliser before my furutech conditioner. I took on His advise and my AA has come back to live...

No more shutting down issue while playing, everything works as day one when I purchased the unit...

Thank you Mr. Peter for your generosity and kindness, I would like to wish you success.. always.. God Bless You Sir.

Best Regards
And also By the way...

I still insist, and think that Audio Aero is still better than the Ayon..if you compare them A to B in real life situation given softwares are universally chosen and various genres are played..

But I guess, my appology for Ayon fans, may be it was just my taste that is "too Analogue"..

But Ayon is really a serious contender to the dollar to performance ratio..

Thank you..
Thanks! for sharing Jon.
Don't mean to hijack this long running thread, but I too need help with my AA Capitole Reference SE. It has had issues from the time it was purchased used with not powering up on turn on. The Audio Aero Capitole CD welcome message comes on, but that message disappears and then black screen. Very intermittent on being able to play a cd. Much more not than can. Other inputs /preamp seem to function normally. Have tried both analog and digital with good sound produced. I have already replaced the chinfa module but it made no difference. One more clue is that the last time it played, it had to be plugged in for two days before it decided to play cds. Unplugged it for 15 min and moved it ever so gently to a new location across the room and no cd player again. Any thoughts?
I believe the player had been to Sedonix once before I bought it because there was a shipping tag from there on the outer packing box. All help tremendously appreciated in advance.
Where you located Perryg ?

I'm in Winnipeg Canada.
Shoot me an email if you like me to take a look at it


Thanks Peter. email sent.
Dear Perryg

I am very sure that there is a voltage regulator problem in your area, as mine was doing the same, try hook up an avr and see how the avr says about your power line..(if you mentioned, this has been the problem since the unit was brand new).. or I am very sure Mr. Peter is able to help you.. :)

did you find someone to repair your AA capitole ?
Dear jafant

Mine is perfectly in good Shape now, after I installed an AVR to stabilise the voltage. Another thing, i once forgot to switch it off after a listening session and it had been at stand by mode (no disc display ) for almost 4 days, i just found out That I did not shut it off at the end of my last listening session, just when i was about to listen to it again. Then, I Quickly turned it off and was afraid that it may had been spoiled ( the top chasis was sizling hot). However, on the contrary, since that occurrence, my AA has Never shut off by itself.

I am not a tech Kind of person, and i may not Know the correlation between the 4days burning method and how it is now back to normal again, or May be it is the AVR which Solved the problem, but i thought I just Share With everyone what i really experience..

Anyway, Thanks alot for all responses and enthusiasm on this topic...

Have a good weekend..everyone..

Best regards
Nice! Jon-

good to hear (no pun) that your AA is back from the dead.

Happy Listening
Hi, Peter,

Based on all the info from this thread I believe that you are the guy to go for repairing/upgrading AA's Capitol CDP. I have one recently showed some problem need your help! Could you tell me where your shop physically located ? Thanks a lot.


PBN Audio