Audio Aero Capitole MK 2 owners must read this

Audio Aero Capitole MR2 owners that are looking for much better sound quality, need to replace the (4) yellow caps that
are parked near the XLR output connectors. The replacement caps are: Black Gates type N , non polarized 10.uf 50v. The
yellow caps are very poor quality to be put in any signal path. The replaced caps removed the upper midrange grunge and improved the dynamics and sound stage. The parts cost me about $40 and I did it myself. This mod should have been part of the SE upgrade. Sam
Now that you have modified it yourself, what does that do to the resale value ?

That is an expensive unit to start messing with.

Saqm, are you impressed with the SE upgrade?
It will also void any warranty.
"The caps are very poor quality" Where does this statement originate from? I'd like a more bonified explanation if at all possible ..............
Unclejeff, I sent you a email . Sam
Does that hold true for the MK1 version as well?
This player was dead when I bought it at a garage sale for $50.00 bucks. Hence no warranty . It did come with the shipping box and remote control. Found that the CDPro 2 drive
failed. Pro music jute boxs run the same CDPro 2 drives. Cost
me $295 shipped brand new. We also added two extra XLR output
plugs for bi-amping. Hexfreds diode bridges in the power supply were installed for a much improved sound. The Jute box
CDPro drive did come with the same software ver 6.8 ! Sam
Gee ...... Nice disclosure! I figured that there was more to it. I'll keep mine stock ......... thank you!
I also thought about replacing those caps, but never had a time to do it. Good to hear that is is working out for you !

I eventually traded my Capitole for MBL 1531.
anyone know why AAC MK II says no disc on front of unit, with cd in place puck in and door shut
My audio aero was doing the same thing. Can you see if the disk tries to spin up? Do a power down,unplug the unit.Now power up the player and see if tries to read the disk. How soon do you get the no disc error? Does your owner manual tell you what Cd drive is in you player? CDPRO 2 ? I changed out the cd drive with a used one from a jute box (CDpro2). The no disk error problem was gone. Disk spun up and read the disk.
Yes, much confusion on this unit can be resolved by switching it off and then unplugging it for a short while.
audio aero capitole when unit continually reads no disc when cd in drive , spindle of drive has fallen or dropped , and has to be reset
Pavpet, There is a spindle upgrade for that player.
My audio aero capitol reference swithes off while playing the CDs , all of sudden. sometimes when i press the standby switch of the remote comtrol twice it starts again. some times after opening the lid and closng it starts again. some times it takes a long time for it to start again.

any body have any comments on the problem. transport or something else.

Turn it off. Un-plug it. Go to bed. Try it again in the morning.

Problem was cleared. problem was with AC/DC power module KAM 3005(chinfa taiwan).Sometimes this module will not give enough current to the IC. mine works perfectly well now after the replacement.

NEW POWER MODULES ARE UPGRADED chinfa calls it KAM 3005 - level 2