Audio Aero Capitole Mk.2 - any news?

Hi everybody!

Are there any news about the latest Capitole?

Have you heard / seen it?

What are the main internal differences compared to previous outgoing model?
Is it balanced internally, or does it still use a cheap RCA to XLR IC?
What about the remote and enhanced user interface - what has been changed functionally?
Last I heard is that U.S. dealers are supposed to start receiving Mk IIs end of next week/beginning of the following week....
I heard it at Frankfurt High End Show. It didn't take my breath away, whereas the Audio Meca Mephisto II and even more the WADIA 861 really made music!
I don't know about the interior changes nor did the stuff at the stand. Their customer communication isn't the best in the world.
I totally disagree, with your assesment of the Capitols sound at the Frankfurt show. I think the CAT, AA, Ascendo combination presented the best sound at the show.
Isn't that nice that we disagree at times? I found it uninvolving yet on a high niveau, of course. But compared f.e. to the Sonus Faber CREMONA fed by the Graaf tube it was almost boring to me, let alone the presentation in Salon 4 with the WADIA feeding the AudioResearch VTM 200 and the Canterbury 15.
I thought it was one of the best CD player i have ever heard. Just goes to show :)

I can assure everyone though that it is definitely better than the MK I. In practically every respect.