audio aero capitole and biamping

The capitole mk 1 has balanced and unbalanced outs.Is their any reason why both cannot be used in a biamping configuration? Nothing in the literature says it can't.
hi Bruce, your idea will work but you will need some sort of attenuation on at least one side of your amplification since balanced has 'about' 6db more gain. there are very simple attenuators that can be placed between your interconnects and amps that will do the trick but i can't remember the name of them.....hopefully someone else can.

the output strength of the Capitole should be able to handle both 'legs' at the same time.
now I didn't actually confirm by measurement but on my Capitol 2 player the RCA and balanced output sounded like they were the exact same volume level to me.Tried both ways to see if balanced to the main amplifier would sound better didn't really hear any difference.I use both outputs simultaneously the RCA feeding my main amplifiers and the balanced feeding the bass amplifier/crossover on my Genesis 201 speakers System.