Audio Aero Capitole amp

I am looking for people who can share their experience with this amp. as I am considering purchasing one. My current amp is an Audio Research D125.
Very nice amp. Very stable and underrated in power output. It has the tube magic without the major tube colourations. You'd probably be very happy with it. Also the distributor knows of some upgrades that were done by the designer, Adrian Van Dorn. They are very easy to contact, and helpful.
I own one and I am very happy with it.

The power supply failed and we replaced it with a really nice one ane this improved the sound very much.

Also, it is sensitive to tube rolling so this can be fun.
top amp well worth it good buy powerful amp for only 50 watt class A
The best amplifier I listened, I will stay a long time, very powerful in the bass, a perfect medios.
great amp but there are lot better tube amps out there but the audio aero very stable good sounding
I've heard them drive old Quad 57's to musical heaven.

They were also the best tube amp I ever heard drive a pair of CLS 11z speakers.In fact I never heard as much bass with solid state amps.

I have the original Capitole 24/192 cd player, only had a tube replacement.

I would like to hear this amp with my cd player on my Grand Veena speakers.