Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 VS. Rega Jupiter

I realize that it is quite likely that Capitole player outperforms the Jupiter but in what ways? The Jupiter is slightly dark yet musical, sacrificing detail for tonality. I have heard that the Capitole also is slightly colored in a warm way but highly listenable in a tube-like way. I currently own the Jupiter and was just wondering with these players similarities what I would be gaining with the Cap?
the audio aero is a high end audiophile cd player. the rest of your system would have to be of the same quality for you to appreciate the capitole. the rega is really a "mid-fi" player. if you're considering the audio aero, you may really want to examine your support equipment, including cables and power conditioning first to get the most bang for your listening buck.
I have a little different comparison but both are from the same company. I recently uprgraded my Rega Planet with the Audio Aero Prima CD player. The differences on a very modest system are staggering, the Prima makes the Planet sound dull and congested extremely lacking in space and detail. I think the Prima is a real sleeper, I also own the Capitole Mk 2 and it's not that much better than the Prima.

I would tend to dissagree with Corby that you have to have a better system to appreciate the better player. I think it can be true with expensive cables for instance, but with the source, as long as your system is set up to sound as good as it can you will really apprecitate how much difference a better source can make. I am using the Prima with a system that costs about 500.00 used and am thrilled by the improvment the Prima has made