Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 too foward and bright?

Does anyone else feel this player (MKI) is too foward sounding and bright? It sounds as though the voices are too foward and separate from the rest of the music. The sound is extremely clear, but almost too clear. It doesn't have that warm, rich analog sound that everyone raves about. I believe my player is fully burned in. How many hours are required to fully burn in this player? Does it get better with extended use? I have never heard of anyone complain of this. I would appreciate anyone's experience with this player. Thanks so much!
hello what's your associated equipment? The Capitol isn't bright or forward sounding to me.
I agree with Mejames, based on the mkI that I heard I bought a mkII sight unseen. What cables and other gear are you using? if there is silver in there it may be part of the problem. ~Tim
I don't carry the Capitol but we have had it in here for comparisons when we do shootouts between different CD players.

We have always considered the EMC 1 and the Capitol to sound not the same but very similar in that they go in the same direction. They are both very dynamic and transparent and I can see where on certain discs that maybe considered a touch bright especially with certain equipment.

Depending on your system you may need to make some minor changes. The most seductive CD player that we have experienced is the AudioMeca Mephisto 2. I happen to be a dealer for that player but I also carry the EMC 1.

I will state that most people seem to like the dynamics and transparency that the EMC 1 and Audio Aero represent. I love both players but my personal taste leans toward the Mephisto 2 because I like being seduced into the music. I love the very deep and lush soundstage. The Mephisto is just as transparent but presents the music in a softer ambience. It is just a personal preference flavor issue.

You did not mention how long you have been breaking it in but don't judge it till you have several hundred hours.

There is no one best anything in audio.

Look on the positive side. If it is not your cup of tea at least it is a hot item and you will be able to turn it quickly.
SOS: It was my understanding you could not get the line. As a matter of fact a mutual customer of ours shared with me that you preferred the Capitole when you were trying to get the product. I certainly am not looking at engaging you, but no one asked about how it compares with the EMC or the Audiomeca. What is your motivation?

I am a dealer for the Audiomeca as well and while it is terrific, I prefer the Audio Aero Capitole because it has a volume control and in reality is a preamp in it's own right. The Audiomeca does not have the volume control nor the output of the Capitole. If it did, then it might be closer.

The Capitole runs directly into the amplifier with less connections and less circuitry to travel through. The purity of sound, musicality and clarity is unlike anything else out there. I value that more than anything for my listening.

Musicmannj: I agree with the other posters that your cable or something else in your system is probably playing a detremental role in your sonics.
So is silver taboo for this? I am new at this but I ordered and waiting for an AA and I will have Kimber Selects 1120 balanced connections directly to an Ayre amp. Is this going to have the same result?
Stenersr, i have had the AA Capitole 192/24 Mk.1 in my system with Valhalla interconnects and had absolutely no brightness, forwardness, or edgyness whatsoever. the Valhalla is "said" to be edgy in some systems and has some silver in it (oh my god!!).

don't prejudge what your system will do.....relax and just listen. generalities are just and listening tastes vary for many reasons. when judging a system's tonal balance you would need to consider not only interconnects....but also speaker cables, amps, speakers, whether you are using a preamp, and the "liveness" of your room.

in general the AA Capitole is on the warm side of neutral so unless your ears are already bleeding you are most likely fine.

congrats on your pending Capitole.....i am waiting for one too.
I have owned the AA Mkl and am also waitig on delivery of the Mkll based on what the Mkl did. It is anything but bright and that is comming through horn speakers. I have to feel that the brightness is related to other components of your system. Try running the AA direct to your amp and then try other cables if it still sounds bright. I would not be too quick to put it on the market. It will probably sell quickly and you may well regret it.
Best of luck,
I would like to apologize to SOS for my comment in the first paragraph of my response. After reading it again, once the post was made, I realize it may have been a bit harsh. I was out of line.

Although I feel the way I do about SOS' comments, it would have been more proper for me to respond to it in email.

J Tinn I thought I spoke very highly of the Audio Aero. But let me correct you on some misconceptions. I was sent a unit to evaluate. I chose not to carry the unit not because I did not consider the Audio Aero a wonderful CD player but because I was told that when they came out with the new player at a lot more money that they were changing the chassis. It is a personal thing but I just don't like the looks of the player.

So I was never refused the opportunity the carry the line since I never requested to carry the line. I mentioned the Mephisto and the EMC 1 so that he could have some correlation between other players in the market place and how they sound different.

I know you are a great believer in going direct but I will tell you I personally believe the Audio Aero, as the Accuphase 75 V which also has volume control both sound better using a good preamp.

I am surprised that you would attack me in a round about way. What is your motivation. The Audio Aero is loved by everyone that hears it. I like the way it sounds and stated so. But I cannot believe that your feelings are left in shambles if some one does not believe that it is the ultimate digital piece in the universe. Rest assured there are many other people that purchase other products. But if it makes you feel better more power to you.
Please, do check your sources before you state things that are not the case. Life is too priceless to spend it taking cheap shots at people that you obviously do not know!

Hopefully enough said. I wish you no ill will. I just don't like things said or implied that are not true. I realize communications can sometimes get crossed up and I am sure that is what happened in this case. Just don't be so protective. Lighten up this is just a hobby!
Thank you J Tinn accepted.
One thing that has to be said about the volume control of the Audio Aero : as far as i can understand, the aero has an analog output stage (tube) which means it does not control the volume digitally, unlike the accuphase gear. So it would be fair to say that the Audio Aero DOES NOT have the problem most CD players have running direct, the fact that you lose detail and depth when you lower the volume. And a lot of people feel that part of the magic of the audio aero is running it direct.

Although I have heard amazing things about this player, it is out of my financial league. What about the Audio Aero Prima? Anyone have experience or hear things about this baby? I'm nervous about buying cd players used. For the price of what a new Audio Aero Prima cost: can I do better? I'd appreciate feedback from you guys. Thanks in advance.

I've found the sound of the Aero to be pleasing both running direct and through my Presence Audio pre-amp. Clearly, system balance and preference will play a role in which route sounds best, but it's nice to have a choice.

Running direct sounds a tad more immediate, lively and engaging, but running through the pre-amp certainly doesn't wreck the sound, and in some ways--richness, air, harmonics, I prefer it. When running direct vs through a preamp the type of amplification one uses is, of course, critical to the sound. I use the solid state Edge amp, so having a minimalist tube-line stage in between the Aero and the amp isn't necessarily a bad thing. Now, if I were using the Tenors or other high-quality tube amps, well, that might be a whole 'nuther ballgame. :)

As Sos said, it really is about system balance and tuning the system to its most pleasing state--and that is to a large degree, different for everyone.
I've heard the aa mk I and II. (note: jtinn and I are friends).

Not bright nor fatiging at all. It's the smoothest, most analogue sounding cd player I've heard. The tube output stage is simply magical with a tube amplifier. You feel like that 3D, alive and harmonic quality of tubes is reaching all the way back to the source. I get that same effect with my tube phono stage. I've heard lot's of smooth cd players, but this one has extraordinary resolution as well.

I have not heard the EMC, but there are many good comments on it.
John_1- I have the MK I (running it direct to a pair of modded 160 wpc triode large tube monoblocks). I am considering the MK II- is it even better than the original, and if so, what sonic parameters did you find superior (OR, inferior)??
Warrenh, I saw a review of this on Audiogon recently. The guy had mixed feelings about it. Apparently it doesn't use the Anagram chips that are in the Capitole... Really, there aren't enough opinions out on this piece yet to make a solid decision without listening before.
Sorry guys, I posted the previous response by mistake...
I was talking about the Prima.
by the way- heard the Electro EMC MK II, and the bass was way better than the Cap- MK I or II