Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 or Audio Research CD3

Which cd player would be a better match for my musical taste? I like most everything(except rap), however I
primarily listen to rock and r&b.
Thank You.
food for thought, i auditioned the capitol 2 and the accuphase dp-75v side by side, my preference was the accuphase. they hit about the same price points. the accuphase has the benefits of expantion slots for 4 additional
The ARC company really has the tube thing going for it.
So does Audio Aero. I love my Capitole,and without a preamp.One less link and ic and power cord and shelf.
Audio Aero is better. The latest version has an analog passthru to allow for the use of a really good tuner, thus avoiding the pre altogether...unless you are still using lots of vinyl.....alsso, the AA is very upgradable as I started with the circuit board servicing the P4 chip and I upgraded to a board using the 5.6 chip and I will soon be upgrading to the latest so I can also have the analog passthru.

At the moment I run my satellite feed through toslink, my DVD through coax and the AA's DAC handles is all really quite well.

If you do a search here on Audiogon you will find many a satisfied customer, even from two years ago when the AA Capitole Mark II was released with a few bugs. The P4 chip pretty much fixed all of those problems.
Audio aero all the way! In its price range nothing comes close to the magic that little thing produces.
Another vote for AA; couldn't be more pleased with mine. it's sitting on a BDR shelf for source, doubled-up roller balls, and has a ps 300 power plant all for itself. Man, she does sing!
As a particular Marvel Comic character often would say.....

'nuff said!
I already prepare to upgrade my Audio Aero Capitole MKII when auditioning Esoteric P70 Transport and D70 DAC in my systems.
I have 95% bias thought that my Aero can't compete with the Esoteric combo. What a BIG surprise, The Esoteric is super refine and elegant, have a better separation of detail and resolutions but doesn't have the jump factor and aliveness of Aero. Audio Aero simply more bare and open, expressive and realistic. Esoteric is toward smooth and lush. Maybe its about taste but I learn from this comparison how good Audio Aero is. I really do admire the extreeme construction of Esoteric. But I am very happy to save my money and keep my Audio Aero. Audio Aero have 5V analog output and very usefull for direct driven to sensitive amplifiers.
Hey Sebastian, did you get your AA upgraded to Analog Output?

If so, you will be the second person I know of who has. I want to do it later in the Spring and I am hoping for some feedback.