Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 - MK I vs MK II

Is the digital section (DAC, etc) in the Capitole (24/192) MK I and MK II identical?

Are the changes between the two models only in the transports used (CDM12 vs CDMPRO2) or were there revisions to other components

Ive owned this player in mk 1 and 2 form and have owned the AA cap 2 for nearly 5 years. The 1 had that textured midrange magic that few other digital players which I have heard have. The 2 retains that magic w/ a better all around performance though. The midrange may seem more recessed in the 2, but I think that is the bass being superior and highs being more extended. The 2 pulls the balancing act of musicality with plenty of detail, no small feet for a redbook player. I would seek a mark 2 out if your playing mainly redbook cd's, although I admit my experience with higher res pcm and sacd is limited. If your buying new , insist on a demo and be.
previously owned both also the 2 is way way better overall definitely especially the bass. See my previous post regarding the specific sonic differences between the Capitols.
Thanks guys. Those are great and informative posts so far.

Do you guys know if the digital sections (DACs, etc.) are identical? From the descriptions I found of each player, they appear to be identical.

hello pose this question to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound Company he modifies Audio Aero players he would know the answer. Why are you so interested if the digital section is exactly the same? If I may ask? are you aware of the Audio Aero Prima Mark 2 D/A converter? It has the same exact digital and tube output stage as the Capitol 2 does. Sounds like you intend to use another transport instead of the complete Capitol player is this correct?
Hi James,

Actually I do not intend to use another player as a transport, if I went with the Capitole I. I am just curious as to what changes were made - sorry I am an engineer.

Thanks for the additional suggestion reagrding Prima 2 DAC.