Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 cd player question

I recently took the cover off as the magnets weren't lining up. Looking at the inside of the unit I noticed two things that struck me as a possible problem.
With the cover off and looking from the back of the unit I saw on the back of the transport unit a white label with a bar code on it. Below that label is a part that says "1220 Flash". Attached to that piece just above the words 1220 flash is a small white male receptacle with 5 small gold pins. Nothing is plugged in here.
Second, looking from the front towards the back. To the rear left there is a large circuit board. It has a box that says S.T.A.R.S. Process on it. To the left of that box and in front of what looks like 2 small tubes there is a female receptacle, it is marked J6 and J7 on the board. There is also nothing plugged in here.
Every other place that had these types of recptacles had cables attached.
I know some of the Capitole MK11 owners have had the cover off to change the chip to P4. If you can, can you please let me know if those two receptacles are empty or have cables plugged in on your units.
Many thanks
You can contact Darrell at or (512) 335-6019. He is an authorized Audio Aero repair tech and I'm sure he would explain it to you or answers questions. He's a really nice guy.