Audio aero capitol reference cd - upgrade

My audio aero capitol reference has loud bass which is not tight & lacks resolution compared to my Marantz SA11S1.

I hope a capitol SE upgrade will help

What make the major difference -

*capacitors ( teflon V caps r easly avalable for $100)

*Cryo" tubes

How much does the Official upgrade cost?

inputs welcome & will b helpful for me

Thanx in advance
Dump it, the upgrade route is never cost effective. Stick with the Marantz.
Don't spend money upgrading (modifying)the Capitol. If it doesn't work well for you now as is, maybe it's not the player for your system. Tube rolling should be enough. Sounds like it's not a good match with your other gear. The funds you invest in an upgrade will be lost in total should you ever decide to sell.
thanx guys

but i like the HF & mids , expecially the mid transparency of capitol.

Upgrade kit costs $700 (for capacitos ,vibration absorbers for the capacitors & cryo tubes & )

Capacitors alone is avalable for $100

want to which component makes the major improvement

cryo tubes or the capacitors ?
i got a pair capacitors for $100,
a pair of cryo tubes for $75.

vibration absorbers for the capacitors ?
The upgrade to SE thats done by Audio Aero was worth the money for me, Bass and resolution will both be improved.
Definitly have it done by someone local. Those pads are just neoprene pads easily relicated. The caps are right on top and easily replaced. Very big improvement in my system although it sounds like you have some standing wave problem or whatever. When you see the size of the old caps you'll see why. I did mine for about 250.00 total parts and install and I didn't have to have it kicked all the way to Canada and back.
audio aero upgrade very good , marantz no where near as good
Hi Sm2727

standing wave problem, yes i changed my room , its sounding fantastic now.

Its sounding so good that i was delaying the upgrade.

Now On the process of upgrading with - VH audio V caps 0.1u 600V and sylvania cryod tubes. yes $250

By the way did you go for the 1% or the 5% V caps

The Cap reference does not have boomy bass by itself.
Here is a very simple trick to find out if your player is suffering from standing wave "bass boom":
Play a track with heavy bass (not a single-note solo, you want the bass notes to go all the way from top to bottom) and walk around the room with your ears at the player's height.
Hear for bass boom where your player is located. If boominess is present, keep walking, find a spot with no boominess, place the player exactly in that spot.
P.S. Sometimes a higher or lower shelf will get rid of standing waves, because room modes propagate in three axis.
Upgrading caps to VCAP CuTF was major improvement of resolution and transparency for me in my AA Cap MKII. But after changing tubes I have lost bass impact and dynamics. Have you observed any changes after changing tubes from stock Phillips to cryo Sylvanias?