Audio Aero Capitol MK II CDP: Do I need a preamp?

I'm planning to upgrade my cdp from a Level 1 mod Jolida 100 to the audio aero capitole MK II and I've heard conflicting things about whether I'm better served running it with a preamp or using the built-in preamp section and just running it with a power amp. I need advice from those who have either owned or are familiar with the capitole. Should I buy a preamp or not. My present amp is an integrated (Plinius 8100) which I will be changing. I own a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 v2s - those are staying. Listening tastes: mostly Jazz vocals and my room size is about 20x14. Secondly I need advice as to what power amp is best suited for the Capitole. My budget is about 3k and I'll most likely be buying used. The amps on my list at the moment are:

Bel Canto Ref 1000 (pair)
Bel Canto Evo II Gen 2 (pair)
Pass Labs X150 or perhaps higher
McCormack DNA 225 (if I can find it)

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
I ran direct with my Art Audio PX-25 and liked it so much I sold my BAT VK50-SE. To my ears and in my room it sounded better. You have to try it for yourself to really make that decision. There have been many threads about this issue, but as I said---it's all about what sounds best to you.
If you don't do vinyl then you do not need a preamp. I have the Capitole and I use the toslink for my Satillite and coax for my DVD player and the Capitole has a way of telling me which of my CDs are well produced and mixed.

The latest Audio Aero has an analog bypass for your tuner and, since this does not use the up sampling circuit in the AA, you might want to use your tuner's enhancements to 'up the bass', etc.

The Audio Aero is really good at embracing the original mixer's intent and you really do not need a pre as the pre will only defeat the AA's ability to give you what was originally intended in the CD.

So, do you need a pre for your CDs? No. Not for Satellite or for anything other than vinyl. Let the Audio Aero do what it does so well.
A dealer brought over a Capitole MkII SE CDP for me to demo. It sounded great in my system.

Just before we packed things up, we bypassed my (Aesthetix Calypso) pre and ran the Capitole direct to my power amps.

Upon doing this, the music lost its "body" and became very thin sounding in comparrison to running the cdp through the pre-amp.

The AA dealer was not surprised and stated that it had to do with the "buffering" that happens with a good pre-amp in the chain.
Thanks guys. Any recommendations for a power amp to go with it?
I used captole mk2 direct in gamut d200mk3 , when I used the gamut preamplifier D3 the sound became more digit and lost something maybe "soul", I have used another preasmplifier- audiopax model 5 and again I prefer capitolecd player direct in amplifier. Some years ago I had paradigm reference v2, I think one good amplifer maybe mccomarck DNA 1dlx, and I think your speaker has a good sensitivity so you could try one tube amplifier- ARC vt100...
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I had been using my AA Capitole II SE direct to my Lamms M1.2Ref for awhile. Adding a BAT 51SE preamp brought HUGE improvement.