Audio Aero Capitol 2

Has anyone noticed a difference between the XLR and RCA outs on the Capitol 2? It's not a balanced unit so there is an op amp for the return leg on the XLR. I am running it direct into my amp. I was hoping for some feedback before I invest in the same quality RCA to match my current XLR cables.
That money might be better spent somewhere else in your system.
Have I noticed a diiference on the xlr to rca on the AA Cpitole cdp you ask. I have the MKI and the difference is huge. There is more punch in the bass, dynamics, soundstange and all have improved, and ofcourse, since the voltage output is higher on the xlr outs so is the volume. My cdp is going direct to the amp without a preamp. If you have xlr cables avilable, try it out.