Audio Aero Cap 11 owners, cheap tweak

Someone mentioned to me that he had heard some Cap 11 owners use a piece of black cardboard and lay in on top of the transparent CD transport lid, blocking out light to the transport. I gave it a shot, cheap tweak and all that, and was surprised to notice the bass frequencies really shore up; almost like adding a sub woofer. It's not subtle, that's for sure. I need to re-position my speakers; it's that much different.

Interesting. I will give it a try.
I have a device that I use that sits over the actual cd..This device works well on many players..especially top load machines..Tolerances of most discs vary from Redbook measurements by as much as 5%. Drawer type machines and those that are cd rom based really blow these tolerances away..Some for the worst. So this device when it mates well with a cd player..{top load} will make a huge improvement..Soundstage, noise floor, focus, bass detail ,weight and impact are all greatly improved..So yes the black out will work, though only part of several potential improvements..Tom