Audio Aero and Spdif to PC

I have a Audio Aero Capitole and I wish to connect my Pc to that to play music from Hard drive , NAS etc..
Which USB/spdif convertersdo you use?
M2tech Hifacetwo-r $200
Very highly rated in various comparisons with other converters
Depends on your budget. I would sugest $440 JK SPDIF mk 3 or $499 Stello U3 as a minimum. There are big defferencies between those converters.
I have an interesting problem at the moment, I have a Hiface1 which works and an Audiophilleo 2 that just does not want to work on my computer.
Any similar experiences, especially with Audio Aero?
Elberoth2, Thanks.
I installed the drivers. Imac (Audirvana) and laptop (foobar and jplay). Both about three years old with 8gb Ram. HiFace works with absolutely no problems on both. Audiophilleo works with no issues on imac, it will give some issues if I run from foobar, but the moment i try jplay it gets really bad.
Since my previous posts I have tested it on a Wadia 151 (dac 151) with the same results, so Im thinking that the problem is with laptop and not Audio Aero. Appears to be a usb port issue?
Audio Aero sells the HiFace (they call it an Aero Bridge) .
This is a software related issue. Try choosing a bigger buffer in JPlay in options menu. If problem persists, contact Marcin via JPlay help - he is very helpful and will work with you to solve the problem.
Mine is running with all the latest updates for all software and hardware.
Philip from Audiophilleo has advised to resinstall latest drivers and to try again, alternatively to go back to Windows drivers.On jplay forum I got suggestions re different settings.
Will test on the weekend and then update.