Audient Technologies Tactic/Audit & Genesis DL

I am hoping someone will read this and help me figure out how to connect a Audient Technologies Tactic/Audit system along with a Genesis Digital lens.

The Tactic get hooked to the transport and the Audit connects to the DAC. Then both pieces are joined by a digital interconnect. My problem is the Genesis Digital Lens has to be in the chain between the Transport and Dac. I don't have any other instruction-on if this even possible. Some have tried to assist me from Audiogon; but, the advice is vague. So, anyone out there who has a working knowledge of this system hooked along with jitter reducer such as the Genesis Digital Lens, Audio Alchemy 2.0 (or higher) or Monarchy Audio Dip- please help. I was thinking maybe it could be accomplished as below:

1. Tactic to Transport Digital out
2. Audit to Digital in of GDL
3. Then connect the audit and tactic via digtial coax cable,
4. Digital out on GDL to Digital in on DAC
5. Then RCA on DAC to Pre-Amp.


I had the time lens, but what do the other pieces do?

I just had CD Transport to Genesis Lens to Dac that's all you need.

Here are the instructions for the Lens to download.,d.dGY

Cheers George
I am sorry, I may have not been clear. I have the Genesis Digital Lens already on the front end--between my McCormack SST-1 and Classe dac-1, I know how to hook up the Tactic/Audit together by themselves--but how to hook/connect all 3 at the same time.

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What does the Tactic/Audit do?

The Lens receiver chip did not lock onto my Cary 303/200 as a transport, try a different transport.

Cheers George
The Audit and Tactic are a very effective means of cleaning up and improving the SPDI coax connection between the transport's digital out and dac's digital input ... just for a moment lets leave the Digital Lens out of the equation to better understand what and how the Audit and Tactic function

After understanding the functions of the Audit and Tactic and their effect we can add the Digital Lens back into the equation

The Audit is the gate keeper and last line of defense placed at the input of the dac ... (AU-dio - D-igital - I-nterface - T-ermination) .. it is an active cable buffer whose differential input circuit provides a well matched linear termination for the digital interconnect effectively eliminating signal reflection and common noise jitter in the digital interface between the transport and dac ...

The Audit's purpose is to provide a better impedance match with the coax cable between the transport and dac thus reducing reflection due to impedance miss matches between these two components ... reduce the cable's reflections due to a difference in impedance between transport and Dac and you reduce the jitter caused by it

The Tactic ... ( T-actical A-udio C-ompensating T-ransmission I-nterface C-onnection ) has a proprietary designed pulse transformer circuit that isolates and breaks the ground connection between the transport and dac ... this eliminates ground loops and ground noise riding on the ground ... it also has an impedance matching circuit that provides better loading of the next stage and a circuit that absorbs noise outside the frequency bandwith required for digital audio transmission

Used in tandem they will eliminate ground loops and ground noise and the impedance matching circuits will reduce cable reflection and reduce the jitter caused by it

Edward ... there is a toggle switch on the Audit that helps the Dac lock to the incoming signal from the Audit ... the toggle switch has to do with the Dac's input sensitivity ... for 95% of the Dacs it should be in the middle position ... if the dac still will not lock to the signal try pushing the toggle switch down ... if the dac still won't lock push the toggle switch back through the middle position to the up position ... your dac should lock in one of these three position

This toggling is not a tuning or tone control adjustment ... the dac either locks or it doesn't in one of these three position

Now to placing the Digital Lens in the circuit

From the Transport's digital out connect your best digital cable to the Digital Len's digital input ... then from the Digital Len's digital out connect the Tactic ... Coax cable and Audit ... finally connecting the Audit's digital out to the Dac's digital in

Here's the logic ... from the transport you're send the lower quality output signal due to noise and jitter to the Digital Lens ... the Lens will now strip the poor quality jittery clock from the transport and discard it ... at the same time the data it stripped from the poor quality clock and is sent to a buffer

Then the data is pulled from the Len's buffer and combined with a much more accurate and stable clock generated by the Lens ... this signal is now sent to the digital out of the Lens and about as good as it gets

The Lens improves the signal from the Dac by providing a new and more stable clock ... this is something the Audit and Tactic can not do ... once you have this improved signal coming out of the Lens you don't want to corrupt it in the last leg of the transmission with ground loops ground noise and cable reflections ... these are the artifacts that the Audit and Tactic will hold at bay

Let the Lens clean up the transport's lower quality signal and let the Audit and Tactic provide the last leg of protection by removing ground issues and cable reflections providing a cleaner path way to the Dacs input
Go to old listing for pictures on Audiogon:Listing ID: LIS312I8

Here's info from members in the past--hopes this answer's your question.

Audient technologies made the Audit (used at the DAC) and the Tactic (used at the Transport) They virtually eliminated reflections and problems with cables. Resulted in very musical and more natural (shall we say analog here?) to digital.

2 unit active analog transformers. Not re-clocking devices, but reduces R.F.I./ E.M.I. & cleans up data stream between transport & DAC.Comes w/ digital cable, but will make any coax. cable sound better.

I simply am trying to use both Tactic/Audit and Genesis Digital Lens--No seems to know if I can use together.
To Georgelofi- My Genesis Digital Lens locks on to the my McCormack SST-1, just fine.

Ok I thought you had a problem, back to my first answer then.

"I just had CD Transport to Genesis Lens to Dac that's all you need."

Cheers George
Finally, Eureka, Bingo, and Bulls-eye!

Thanks so very much, Davehrab!!!

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