Audience vs. Auditorium speaker cables

Hey guys--has anyone compared speaker cable from these two manufacturers? I would presume the appropriate comparison is A24e to the 23s.


I have not heard the Au24E but have heard the Au24 and Auditorium 23. No comparison !!! Au24 sounds hifi-sh, a bit lean, metallic, mechanical in comparison to Auditorium.

So, if you have some very warm sounding gear which you would like spice up then get the Au24 else get the Auditorium.
owned both the original Audience Au24 and the Auditorium 23 but never at the same time

the original Au24 did not make enough difference in my system vs the 47 Labs OTA cables to justify the extra cost so I sold them

the Auditorium 23's however were substantially better in my system. made more of a positive difference than some amp or preamp changes I have experienced and i NEVER thought a cable would do that

might be system dependent but the Auditorium 23 is a great cable! would love to try their IC's as well

Jeff, whats your system like ?
thanks guys---hopefully someone will chime in vs. the "e" which by most accounts is a pretty significant upgrade.

i think the "e" has much more detail than the old version if i'm reading the review correctly.
Detail was never a problem even in the old version, it is the presentation. It sounded mechanical.
my system when I had the Auditoriums was a Sony DVP-S9000es with level 5 VSE mods into a Tokyo Sound se-300 6l6gc tube amp to Alon Exotica speakers

rearranged the room and cannot afford a 25ft run of Auditorium 23's so now I use Cardas cables
i agree with most of the posters here.
the au24s sounds more hi fi, energetic.
The au23s are very natural sounding. The tones, harmonic richness is spot one.
For the price, one of the best bargains in cabling.