Audience vs. Acoustic Zen vs. Harmonic Technology

I'm curious on what you audiogoners think of these 3 lines of speaker cable (AU24, Satori, and Pro 9) cables. I am looking to upgrade to one on these but would like to hear your experiences or recommedations. They would be linking some Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MK II's to either an Odyssey Stratos, McCormack DNA225, or Bryston 4BST. Yes, I'm shopping for an amp too. I listen to all styles of music. Thanks. Dave
With your speaker, I will coose Oddyssey Stratos,and
Au24. I also heard the AZ Satori in my system, they
are both musical, I prefer the Au24 it has no grain,
and the bass is tight, very natural sounding,I heard
the Pro 9, very close to satori.You cant go wrong,to
any of this 3 cables.
you know why you heard the Pro 9 very close to the Stori? is becuase they are the same cable!! I heard that HT and Zen are exactly the same cables with different jackets.

I would vote for either one. I am using the Zen
I don't know if the HT and AZ are the same cable, but they do have the same designer.

I compared the Acoustic Hologram II with the Audience AU24 for four months and kept the Audience, pretty much for the reasons Jayctoy stated. The Hologram II is an outstanding speaker cable, but I felt the AU24 was just more real and natural.

I'm still running AZ MC2, Silver Ref II and Matrix Ref II between my components, and will be comparing them to an all AU24 digital and interconnect scheme beginning this weekend.

As Myooussif said, they're both excellent. It just depends on your equipment and your taste.

Good luck!