Audience SX2/Front Row Cables...has anyone tried or heard much of this new reference line?

I have been extremely satisfied with Audience Interconnect and Speaker cable for some time, natural/organic/neutral presentation that works with every component I’ve used, solid state or tube. I own Au24 SX XLR Interconnects and Speaker cables. I have also been impressed with Audience cables price to performance ratio. I just received an email of another breakthrough reference line, the Au24 SX2, which will actually be called the Front Row line.  Alas, pricing at $5100 per 2 meter Speaker cable is no longer readily affordable. I guess Audience is rapidly catching up in price to its competitors, now that they also enjoy name recognition and stellar reviews. However, they are wonderful cables!  Has anyone heard these cables or know much about them relative to SX line? If they’re as much a revelation over the SX as the email from Audience claims, I might have to start saving. I’ll wait for the reviews I guess.  Thank you to all!
It was found that the extrememly reasonably priced High Fidelity Revel cables compared to the Audience Au24 SX cables had slightly better dynamics, transparency and general lucidity to them. It makes me wonder how the new Audience Au24 SX2  would fare to Synergistic Research Level 3 & Level 4 Atmosphere cables and then the recent Level 3 Atmosphere X cables. Cable killers in the competitive price range but more or less competing against some of the expensive Nordost & Tara Labs top line cables.
Has anyone tried the Front Row cables?  The Audience website doesn't even have this cable listed.  I feel the same way as @audiobrian, and not sure if this high-priced Front Row is good or bad for them.

Thanks! for sharing the information on Front Row cables.  Happy Listening!
Thanks to the respondents. Whenever someone does purchase or has a trial with Audience  FrontRow cables, kindly share your thoughts and impressions.
Thank you!
I’ve had mine for a month now.  Fantastic speaker cables which have gone well beyond the performance of my AU 24 Sx cables.  

With th the trade in offer, it didn’t cost that much for a significant upgrade. 
Great to hear how impressed you are with your FrontRow speaker cables, greginnh!  Have you been similarly impressed with FrontRow interconnects?  Thank you for your input.
I am not using Audience interconnects.  I have a combination of Audioquest WEL and Wireworld Platinum.  At some point, I may try the Audience ICs. 

Your now selling these fantastic speaker cables after just a few months?

Can you give us an update on the changes that made you want to sell them.
@tecknik   In my case (and this is not typical), I found the cables to be too revealing.  Too much of a good thing.  I have been dealing with severe tinnitus and it has gotten worse. While I use to crave getting the last bit of detail and resolution from my gear, I am not having to compromise and consider a warmer presentation.  

For anyone else - the Front Row will be an awesome upgrade!
typo in my last post.  I meant to say "having to compromise"
greginnhThank You for the report. Luckily, there are plenty of warm toned cables and power cords in the marketplace.  Happy Listening!

Thank you for your reply, I,m contemplating trying them in my my system and wanted your feedback as I see you on the other sites as well and respect your opinion.
I suffer with Tinnitus myself. The issue with a lot of High End Audio gear these days is that is too analytical or too precise. I prefer products that try to bring people closer to music, not resolution. Cable companies to name a few like Black Cat, Cerious Technology are trying to have our systems sound like music and not sound effects. So while I love my Audience AU24 SE which I feel are musical, it seems like the Front Row products have a different purpose.
May be it's like going to a symphony orchestra concert.  If you sit in the 'Front Row', you get to hear each instrument closely and in greater details, but if you sit further back, you get to hear the music more as a whole.  I've been in both situations, and each has its own pros and cons.
Cerious Technology is both high resolution and musical. If your cable is too revealing or analytical without being musical or organic, that's not a good cable
I just bought a Front Row USB. Didn’t receive it yet but I think it’ll be a nice sound. It maybe one of those cables that needs lots of hours to break in. I’ll post again once I know.
@axeis  Let us know here, or via it's own thread --- especially if you compare it with what you are currently using (and/or more). I'm curious and interested in your results with the Front Row USB.