Audience speaker cable questions

Hi two questions:

1. Are the au24 speaker cables directional ....does it matter which end goes in amp versus speaker?

2. Has anyone critically compared au24 to au24e speaker cable?
An on-line review site called 10Audio actually did review both cables. He loved the AU24 cables, and really loved the 'e' upgraded version.

Here are links to those reviews.

AU24 review

AU24e review

FYI, I used the AU24 cables for a few years, (2 sets actually, as I bi-wired them), and I found them to be a very good cable, and tough to beat on a best bang for the buck basis. (I recently upgraded to the Jena Labs Pathfinder cable, and it is better, but at twice the price it better be!) If you are local (SF Bay Area), and would like to try them out, contact me, as I am going to be selling them soon, and I could loan them to you to try out to see if they work for you.)

Good Luck in your research!
Yes, they are directional. Look for the stylized arrow under the Audience logo where the leads emerge near the terminated ends. The arrows should point towards the speakers.-Lars-
To complicate things a little - I actually found the Audience Conductor speaker cables to be better than the the AU24 - more extension top and bottom, more direct, lively, slightly fuller. For interconnects I prefer the standard Au24 interconnects to the conductors.
i have compared the au24 to the au 24e cables, i.e., interconnects, power cords and speaker cables.

the "e" version has greater focus and is more unforgiving of problem recordings.
I am intrigued by the au24e and plan to try to audition..


Ps. Thanks for the offer kurt