Audience's Ohno speaker cable & interconnect. Entry level fluff or serious cable ??

Audience supposedly makes excellent speaker cables, interconnects, and PC's.  However, their Ohno line of cables was well received in TAS.  Has any one tried this cable or auditioned it recently and formed some useful impressions.

Compared to other Audience products, this cable seem inexpensive, unless I read the review pricing wrong The interconnect is also reasonably priced at 199.00 for I meter. 

The question is it the line high-end worthy for systems between $5000-7000, or like the Claymation character  "Mr. Bill"   on the old Saturday Night Live, who always declared..... Ohnoooo!! 

Thank you for the comment, I know the AQ Rocket 88 gets good reviews.  Can you possibly provide your impressions of its sound quality??  Is the speaker cable smooth on top?? Is the bass tight,  and most important, is it musical, pulling the listener into the music??
I wouldn't take anything said in TAS too seriously. If at all possible, buy from someone who allows a home audition.
The Ohno is smoother on top, is easier to listen to.
In terms of detail, they're close, with the edge going to the Ohno.
The bass was a bit more pronounced in the AQ, but not a whole lot.

As with any system, it just depends on the synergy, and your ears.
To 8lanair. Thank you for the comment about the Ohno.sspeaker cable It is helpful, especially because the girth and length of  the Harmonic Technology Pro 11+ speaker cable I  current run is  awkward and somewhat unmanageable despite its sound.  If I had a larger room, I could spread them out more evenly.  I had a similar problem with Acoustic Zen's Hologram II cables I owned about  6 years ago.  Both are excellent speaker cables, but I bought them used and both were 12 ft pair.  HT informed me they could not be cut down to a 6 ft pair and re-terminated

jafant,. I am sure the Audience "e" series hold up nicely, but I am not sure my wallet can. I will check out The Cable Company for used stock, but I have problems communicating with those folks.  

I have read a few reviews on the Audience cable, but never heard it. If you have currently own or have owned this speaker cable, please share your impression with us, and the speakers you used with them   Thanks SJ    
Watch here, Audio Asylum and eBay for used/demo Audience cables/cords- SJ.

jafant,  I will keep an eye out for Audience "e"  level speaker cables.  I just hope they are as good as reviews and customers claim

I have seen a few reviews and comments that despite the speaker cable lifting the veil from the music, some comments folowed that the cable can sound bright, or not natural. I'll have to audition it . Maybe the Cable Company can loan me a 6 to 8ft pair

 Keep you all posted. Thanks, SJ

i had my demo time a few years back w/ the "e" series in an Eggleston (WEGG 3 ) speaker, Conrad Johnson gear and Sim Audio Moon cd player.

To date, this is my reference audition. Outstanding system synergy, very natural all around, excellent detail, non-fatiguing, crankable!