Audience PowerChord, Zen Tsunami, AP Oval 10

Another one of my "please share your shoot-out results".

These seem to be 3 very good choices in the $300 powercord

Once again I am looking for people who had these in their
own system and can provide some general opinions as to how
they sounded different..

Thanks so much!
This combination of PC's is a very obscure one. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has compared all 3 in their system. The Powerchord is a good all-around cord and can be used succesfully in almost any application.
Here's an extensive set of reviews I did a while ago, and another of my new favorite:

Overall my favorite was the Kaplan Cable, which I am now using throughout my system.

I found the best way is to buy them all used here and try them yourself. Sell the one you dont like. Or find a dealer that can lend them out to you like The Cable Company lending library.

Or look up reviews on each of these and compare the reviews. You will get the info you seek.
I currently have an Acoustic Zen Tsunami in my system. It is the least expensive cord presently in my system. It is the original model, which had an inexpensive Hubbell male plug on it. I found its performance to go up quite substantially by upgrading the plug to a Wattgate 330i. This simple change of male plug takes most, if not all, the quibbles away which other owners have talked about. And just importantly, the duplex outlet is a Porterport, a perfect match for the plug. Tsunami AZ offers a UPOCC plug for $25.00, but the owner, Robert, strongly urges you to send them your cord for them to install the plug. He offered to install at no charge, but you're still out shipping both ways. The new Kaplan cord is one I've got on my wish-list for future evaluation. By the way, I've not tried the Audience and AP power cords, but I did have both of their top line speaker cables in my system and the AZ Satori beat them both out, imho.
I ordered an Acoustic Zen Tsunami to try out.

I just bought a set of AZ Adagios and they are breaking
in but the bass seems leaner than what I am use to.
I ordered some Analysis Plus Oval 9s because they are
supposed to have stronger and more dynamic bass than
the Satori or Hologram. Does this match your experience?
(see my other post)
I have never heard the AZ speakers so I don't know how their bass output is. You might double-check your room placement of the speakers. Sometimes, speakers in the wrong location can cause a bass "suck-out". Electronics, as well as your cabling also play a role in the bass performance. The AP cables do have good bass, but in my system the bass was a little too boomy sounding while the Satori were better balanced for me. I also recall reading in these Audiogon threads that the Adagios require a few hundred hours for the bass drivers to loosen up, so give them some more time, if necessary. The owner/designer of AZ, Robert Lee, 858-487-1988, will take phone calls and gladly answer your questions about his products. If you bought a new Tsunami, allow at least 150 hours of break-in before you do any semi-serious listening.

Thanks Sherod.. I haven't gotten the oval 9 or Tsunami
yet (ordered) but they will be new and in need of break in
as well..
Have you considered that the lean bass you hear is a matter of the Adagios being a poor match with your electronics? If that's the case, the AP 9's aren't going to make the difference in bass you are seeking. Please let us know of your results.
Ive tried all of them.The audience is more superior than
the oval and tsunami pc.IMS the audience has better bass,
clarity,sounstage,transient,and the transparency is where
it shine most,the oval and tsunami they did both sounded
veil IMS.I would say the audience in on onother league.