Audience powerChord SE / AU24 vs HiDiamond P3 / P4

Any one have compared the Audience powerChord SE to the HiDiamond P3 or the AU24 to HiDiamond P4? I know that YMMV but am keen to hear what your experience is, thanks!

(I could test them in my main system but the way it is setup, it is a tedious act to swap any power cord or speaker cable as the large cabinet is literally up against the wall and I need to unscrew and remove shelves each time)
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Hi - have compared PowerChord to various others (but not AU24 or HiDiamond). Even though I love the AU24 ics and speaker cable, I was not that impressed with the PowerChord; its not on the same level. I'd suggest you rule that out and restrict your investigation to AU24 vs HiDiamond.