Audience Powerchord - Better for Source or Amp ??

I have just added a Plinius 9200 to my starter system (see my "system" link) and was curious if any other Audience Powerchord owners found a noticeable difference between the powerchord's performance on a digital source v. amp. The Plinius is too new to truly evaluate, but I have the powerchord on it now.

If many have tried and found it better on digital sources, any suggestions for the Plinius in the sub $400 (used - why by new) range?

Fuuny I just posted a thread on the Audience Power cord. In my system the cord works equally well on all components.

Happy Listening.
Loved it on my EAD Ovation+ Pre. Never tried it elsewhere.

i have them on my sony xa 777,vac pre-amp,moon amp. they sound superb! previously had synergistic master couplers on amp and pre-amp, and a classe on the front end.the audience give slightest bit more detail and air.
they will ALWAYS sound good on your amp though...
Interesting comments about the Synergistic Research Master Coupler. That was one of the other cords I was looking at when I found the Audience Powerchord.

Now it is time to try and find something to put on my CDP. The Shunyata Diamondback seems a decent upgrade but certainly on the lower end (price wise).