Audience Ohno interconnect: Between a P.S. Audio S300 amp and C.J. PV-14L SE pre-amp?

Recently purchased a P.S.Audio S300 Stellar amp to replace a monster size BAT amp. It is connected to a Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE preamp via an Audience Ohno interconnect which was recommended by the Cable Store and on sale  The sound is good, but the soundstage seems basically between the speakers, and also there is a slight loss of inner detail over the BAT amp.,. but P.S. Audio seems faster and more dynamic.

Curious if is this interconnect was the best choice for this pre-amp/ amp combo   The Ohno cable is brand new, so it might need some more break in.  Though, the amp may just be the reason for the changes in sound quality. I previously was using a XLR (out) and RCA (in) interconnect because the C.J. pre-amp will only accept RCA connections..  .

The speakers are the Golden Ear Technology model 7's  and the speaker cable is Grover Huffman ZX   Nothing else was changed.

Thank you,