Audience Mods

Hello Folks,

I am very excited to share new mods from the good folks at Audience. My new aR12-TSSX on the way with these very exciting upgrades.

That's right!!! I waited for more than a month to have these upgrades ready to be implemented on a new or existing line up of conditioners.

Here is the description from the president of Audience, Mr. John McDonald

· The OHNO wiring - Audience has recently developed a new power cord wire designed especially to be used to internally wire each individual outlet with "OHNO" OCC (Oxygen free continuous cast) wire. This wire is also known as mono or single crystal. What that means is that the copper wire is a single copper crystal from end to end instead of convention copper wire that has thousand of crystals per meter. When energy passes from one crystalline barrier to another, energy is converted to heat and is lost. This scenario is eliminated from wire that does not contain the many crystalline barriers. The difference in sound is readily apparent by greater transparency and speed. OHNO comes from the inventor, Dr. Ohno. The improvement in performance from this single upgrade is readily apparent. It is as if a blanket has been removed from the sound. This upgrade represents one of the most significant improvements ever to Audience power conditioners.

· Pure copper Rhodium plated receptacle - Whereas Audience power conditioners have historically been made using the very high quality "do no harm" Hubbell hospital grade duplexes that are made from brass, Audience now offers a higher quality and more conductive rhodium plated copper duplex. The higher conductivity of copper provides greater transparency, speed and improved sound stage.

· Gold plated copper forks - These forks are used to connect the filter capacitors to the duplexes. Whereas Audience has historically used tin over copper forks, Audience has recently developed gold over copper forks that provide greater resolution, a more refined sound and a sense of ease compared to the previous forks.

All of the above features can be upgraded to all previously made Audience power conditioners.

Happy listening!
Have you received your upgraded Audience aR12? I'm thinking of having the upgrade done to my unit. Would you agree with the manufacturer's assessment of the benefits of the upgrade and do you feel it was worth the cost? Thanks.
Yes, the upgrades are worth every penny. I went one step further and upgraded my aR12-TSSOX with Furutech GTX-D rhodium plated duplexes.

In my setup, the duplex upgrade made much more sense. All of my wall outlets are already upgraded with GTX-D (R). My Au24 SE power cables (12 of them) are upgraded with Furutech FI-28 (R) IEC and Male plugs.

IMHO, the Furutech offers much better dynamics and resolution. I had about two weeks of burn-in with aR12, each day has been nothing short of a revelation. I have noticed better bass extension; top and and mid range is more transparent and hits that 'sweet' spot every single time. The music is far more solid, dynamic and controlled.

Furutech's build quality is simply top notch. I won't deny the 'high' price tag but the overall level of improvement far outweighs the asking price.

Hope this helps!
Thank you for your response.

I'm curious to know whether Audience did the Furutech duplex upgrade to your aR12 or did you do it yourself? I also have Furutech GTX-D(R) wall outlets and totally agree with you that they are excellent outlets.

Enjoy the music!
Audience was gracious enough to install the Furutech GTX-D (R). They can also accommodate anyone with Furutech's IEC and male terminations on power cords.

I also own an AR6 TSS. But for me the OX upgrades are very expensive. Has anyone tried doing all these by themselves and how's the performance? I guess replacing duplexes are not difficult, but changing wires will certainly be very time-consuming.    
There is also an S-filter upgrade proposed by Audience. Has anyone tried it?