Audience Interconnects for analog

I'm currently using AU-24 and I like them alot. I talked to someone at Audience last week and they said they make a specific cable for analog that would be much better than what I already have. Is this just salestalk or do you think
that what he said could be legitimate.
Once you're past the DAC the signal is analog, just like the phono, tape or tuner. Sounds like they're selling tone controls rather than cables.
Taters, Audience Adept manufacture a line of power conditioners that acually do what they were intended for, unlike so many others.

I would say they are one of a very few top manufactures on the Planet of power conditioners.
One listen to my system with Audience Adept conditioner and ac cords made me sell my Nordost Thor which was top dog in 2006.
So, I would try their suggestion.
Isn't AU-24 already an analog cable?
They have a "newer" more pricy cable than the older AU24. This includes newer speaker wire,also.----I also have the r12. 8k for the t12 seems just a bit high 4me.
Gentlemen, I'm asking about the Interconnects not the power conditioner. Thanks.
You missed the point...