Audience customer service...A+

I think it is very important to let members on A'gon know when something goes WELL...not just rack up problems.
Well, Audience twice has provided me with OUTSTANDING service on their products with no questions asked and no charge,even though it has been a HELLUVA long time since I bought my cables
Nice to know that they are there for you...a class act!
Thanks all guys and gals Audience!
I second that! I sent a couple of pairs of cables for an "E" upgrade and the folks at Audience couldn't have been more accommodating. It's kind of neat when the president of the company personally answers the phone and is willing to talk shop and make you feel valued as a customer.
Yep- My one experience w their customer svce was way above and beyond what I (or anyone else) had expected. Hat's off to one of the good outfits in this biz.
They sent me cables to audition and didn't even ask for a deposit. My local dealer wanted to charge 2000.00 on a credit card before I could try them. For now on I am going to try and deal with companies that make their own product and not retailers.
I had the pleasure of personally meeting John Mcdonald from Audience-a gentleman and wonderful person from the word go----great company!!!!!!!!!!!
I have AUDIENCE 6T and 6TS customer service is wonderful Uly Torres had my 6T upgraded to 20amp breaker and it was shipped back the same day.I got AUDIENCE AU24 power cord also shipped the same day.Wonderful company with world class service other companys should be this good.
@Taters, definitely is the best way. I have had a couple of issues with some retailers. Audience customer service is outstanding.
My 2 cents: I now have all Audience products: power cords, interconnects, cables and a power conditioner -- all the superlatives that has ever been said about Audience products is true. It is a very honest company, and Audience' service is fast, and uniformly friendly. Over the top customer service. I also had the pleasure of meeting Audience president John McDonald, who is the nicest guy on Planet Earth. Always engaging and interested in MY system. John McDonald and Audience--they really are THE BEST!!