Audience Conductor iPod Cable Atten: iPod Users

I just wanted to share my results with this new cable. I purchased my iPod 20G mainly for business travel and vacation listening and found myself really enjoying it more and more. Well I finally hooked the iPod up to my Cary amp through the docking station and needed a high quality cord. All I could find was a monster cable one and a special order AudioQuest one.

Well, I settled on the Monster Cable model and it did not sound terrible but I knew things could sound better. In the search of something better, I was on the Audience Web Site as I use all Au24 and Powerchords in my system and like the sound of them. Well, I could not find one in their product listings but there was a link to e-mail John McDonald, the CEO. So I figured what the hell.

I sent a request in for a mini plug to dual RCAs. Thinking it would take a while to hear back. I moved on and kept on my search. Within 10 minutes, John actually replied to my e-mail and offered to make me one as it is a new and upcoming product. I received the cable and it works great with the iPod. It actually produces a sound stage and image behind the speakers which the Monster Cable just did not do. It also has a similar sonic signature to the Au24.

Anyway, I am not only impressed with the Audience products but their personal service as well. If you have an iPod or an iPod Mini, this cable is well worth seeking out!

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Honestly, are you now considering upgrading the power cord too?
I use the Audience Powerchords in my system and the end results were fantastic. See my system in virtual systems under done for now.


I'm in need of a cord like yours, what did it set you back?
The Zu Pivot is a very nice alternative. The music has warmth, dimension and detail. You can hear how horrible MP3s sound :-(
My fear of using a high quality cable is just that, will I simply get to hear how bad the sound quality it? On a treadmill with cheap smooth earphones my ipod mini (AAC 128) fills my need well. In my home stereo I do us all Audience cable and am very happy with that. Can I resist the temptation to purchase a mini to RCA audio cable? We shall see...
I would like to apologize for my previous post. In it I said that with a good cable you can hear how horrible MP3s sound, but in fact MP3s become much more tolerable.

My Zu Pivot connected to my PowerBook made it possible to hear how compressed my MP3s were, it's true. They are truly lifeless things, relatively speaking. But the improvements in warmth, dimension and detail were there too.

I am sorry that, for the sake of taking a swipe at an easy target like MP3s, I gave the impression that I thought a poor recording made good equipment pointless. I do not believe this. Good gear makes everything much more listenable, in my experience.