Audience ClairAudient Speakers

Curious whether anyone has experience with Audience ClairAudient speakers. They are advertised as having no crossovers. Each driver is 3" aluminum. The 2+2 model has 2-3" drivers pointing forward and 2-3" pointing to the rear. Larger models are configured as 4+4, 8+8 and 16+16.
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My friend has 2+2 and I heard the 16+16 at AXPONA they are very nice, but will need a sub for real full range. They have wonderful detail, I like them, but they do seem a bit expensive for what you get.
You could get two pair of BOSE 901's for ALOT less money and they sound better too !...
I have the 2+2s and have spent the last one and a half years forming a system around them. They are amazing speakers as they appear to have no limit as to their performance potential. Every minor change in my system is revealed with them and every improvement is obvious. They utilize the single drivers for perfect integration of drive units and no crossover parts. I have found that whatever one hears with these speakers is what is being produced by the rest of the system. If there is something that I am hearing that is not real music, the problem has always existed somewhere in my system. As I correct my system, things just keep getting better and better. A caveat; contrary to what audience says, break-in is extremely long. I would not even listen to these speakers before 300 hours and the true nature of the speaker does not show up until after 500 hours. BTW, Bybee supereffects speaker filters are amazing with these speakers, and I am just using them from speaker cables to speaker binding posts as I did not want to solder them internally (as designed)in case it would void the audience warranty. I have been to many high end audio demos, including national shows like rmaf, and I don't remember ever hearing speakers that seem to express the emotional connection of the artist any better that these. They cannot equal the scale of larger speakers, but they really convey music.
I also have a pair of 2+2 and they are fantastic speakers with electrostatic like transparency and lots of detail without being too analytical. They are very fast and provide enough bass for me in my small 12 x 13 room. They are very revealing of upstream equipment and have no problem keeping up with the rest of my system as I improve it
Heard the 2+2 at THE Newport. Nice....and really big sounding. I thought the huge line array was playing when I entered the room.
The 2+2 has a passive radiator to help the bass.

They are made 'right up the hill' from me, 'freeway close' as we say in SoCal.