Audience au24e vs Transparent Ultra

I just bought my dream Dynaudio C4 last week with Plinius sa 103 amps and ear 868 preamp w phono. My XLO signature IC sound so rough & bright to my new system.

I liked the au24e IC & Spkr Cable but i dont want to decide until i havent heard d Transparent ultra to my C4. The Problem is there is no available Transparent ultra demo cables here in Manila.

Is anyone has experience with these cables to match my electronics.

Thank You.
From my experience, comparing the 24e vs. Transparent Ref, I found the transparent better but also brighter. I settle w/ the 24e. For the $$, they cant be beat. They just sound right in every way. Highly recommended by me.
I totally disagree with Nickt.

I had Au 24e's and went to Transparent Ref, and then Ref XL w/MM2 tech and they were way smoother and cleaner to me in my system. So much so I sold my Au cables/ speaker wires and not only kept but later upgraded in the Transparent line.

As far as speaker wire OCOS is a great match to the Dynaudio's.I have the Contour S5.4's and run a triple run to each speaker...I too am looking foward to the day that I can upgrade to the C4's.I am not fimilar with the Transparent but use some Audience in my system...AU24 on my Lector Transport/Dac combo with great results...great
bang for the buck.
Please check out my Audogon review of the Audience au24e which is part of a larger review of the Audience aR12-TS. There's also a review posted recently of the Synergistic Research Tesla PowerCell.