Audience Au24e vs Cardas Golden Reference

Can someone familiar with both of these cables describe the differences between them? I'm especially interested in speaker cables. Both Cardas and Audience are often mentioned together as great choices. I know Cardas, what can I expect from Audience? Your opinions will be much appreciated.
I couldn't imagine a more extreme difference in sound. Audience will bring out the top end detail and air, while the bottom end and lower midrange will tighten up considerably. Switching from Cardas to Audience is a complete tonal shift. I made the switch at one point, and while initially blown away with the difference found Audience painful on poor recordings.

Cardas is much more forgiving up top, while adds warmth (and weight) lower down.

Really depends on your preferences and associated equipment.
My ears must be different - I have a different experience with Cardas Golden Reference versus Audience Au24 cables in my system. From power cords to interconnects to power line conditioners, I have found nothing that compares as favorably to Audience. Audience cables are neutral, harmonically accurate, fast, dynamic, and throw a bigger sound stage compared to Cardas GR. I like Cardas -- it is a decent cable or I wouldn't use it, but it is not as accurate and musical as the Audience cables. There is a bigger more accurate sound with Audience. I have 2-3 Cardas cables in my system, but where it matters most I have Audience. My goal is to standardize all cables with Audience. In fact, Audience is #1. Harmonic Technology is #2. And then comes Cardas.
Well, this is interesting. Two completely different opinions. The reason I asked is because now I use Cardas Golden Ref in my system. It's a great cable, i love the timbre and musicality, but I can't help but notice that the top end is a bit rolled of and it lacks resolution. On the other end the bass is not well controlled and is a bit one dimentional. I would like a cable which will improve these flaws without sacrificing timbre and musicality. Thats why Audience came to mind.
I would recommend looking at Zu (Ibis or Event).

I recently compared the Ibis to Au24e and kept the Ibis, which have the qualities you're seeking in spades.
Cardas is a very good cable. The next step up for me in extension and control is my Harmonic Tech Magic Link 2. The Audience brings in more air and clarity and no coloration. More open and larger soundstage. One recent acquisition has my head spinning. When I bought my cinemag 1131 SUT from Robyn Wyett I also picked up some of Bobs Devices Vintage US interconnects - amazing for the money ($125). Not as open and extended as Audience but equal if not better than Cardas. That's after 2-3 hours initial listening. I had previously moved on from Zu, Analysis Plus, Audioquest etc and am upgrading all cables to audience (they leave nothing on the table) but I plan on keeping a few of these vintage cables from Bobs Devices.
Frankly, I found the Audience -- in my system, at least -- wanting in a variety of ways and did not find them to compare favorably with the Zu Ibis or Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun.
I have both in two otherwise identical systems. The Cardas eats the Audience's lunch. Way bigger soundstage,weightier, more involving, more fun. It'll depend on your system but in mine it's no contest.
I agree entirely with Fama. Some time ago, I was able to directly compare Cardas Golden Reference with Audience AU 24e in my system. Cardas sounded significantly closer to a live concert experience; Audience significantly closer to the hi fi experience.
Eveybody likes somthing your spending the money its your choice.
I agree with Ebm on this one mate! The final decision is yours to make!
Hi, I'm new to this post and I want to share my experience with my cardas golden reference. I had this for more than 8 yrs. in my system. Last year I wanted to try out new cables and for the record the cardas gr is very musical. I also had the cardas cross and sold it to upgrade to the Golden reference,so now I got the Silnote audio Poseidon ref. and boy it sounded amazing ! It has very big soundstage, very detail and clear, I thought I had a new sound system. I switch it back and fort and it's for real! My source Is a cary 306/200, unico hybrid , triangle Celsius and morrow sp6 speaker cables. IMHO , the Silnote Audio cables are very high end quality . They compete with the cables that are over $3000 list.