Audience Au24 vs Empirical Clarity Speaker Cable

Both of these speaker cables have recently received rave reviews-they are very similar in price-I would appreciate feedback from folks who may have heard these cables-thanks
Look for a forthcoming review by Positive Feedback on these, particularly comparing Audience to EA.
I recently purchased a pair of Audience AU-24 speaker cables & I/C's based on the review. The Audience is a VERY THIN CABLE and easy to connect to my EAD TheaterMaster-8, PowerMaster 1000 and Bohlender Graebener planar speakers which are bi-amped. As compared to the Straight Wire Serenade and Virtuoso, the AU-24 is more musical with crystalline highs, a definite improvement on the treble post. Santana's Suernatural sounded magical with this cable. The Straight Wire Virtuoso provided much better mid-bass than the Serenade but I had a hard time discerning a large improvement between the Virtuoso and AU-24 when connected to the mid-bass post.
Caveat-- my speakers only go down to 80 hz and I am using a Sony 7700 DVD player (next upgrade project) with Nordost Silver Shadow Shadow digital cable. I really like what the AU-24 did to top-end and would recommend trying this cable. If wife acceptace factor is important the cable is thin and easy to hide.
I read--I wonder. I would like to hear some comparisons to other wires. I would like to hear from some of our regulars. How about to a good silver?"Everybody" makes a wire that is a good as Vahalla at 1/2 the price.--Don't ya just love it when that happens?(not) I don't have Valhalla's--I guess it would be a compliment/ and a slap in the face at the same time if I did. I guess we need the fair trade comission to make some of these mfg's prove what they claim.Who was it that said don't believe what you read; and none of what you see?-- (Must have been a magican ,huh?)
Well, I just happen to be a magician!

I have not heard Valhallas, but I did just purchase HMS Gran Finales and they are worth every penny. Are they better than Valhallas at half the price? Don't know, as I said, I haven't heard the Valhallas, but it wouldn't surprise me if they equaled or bettered Valhallas. They are better than anything else I have tried by a wide margin. To be honest, I didn't really believe all the hype, but I wanted to hear them with my own ears. They have simply transformed my system.

I couldn't recommend them any more highly.