audience au24 versus transparent ultra mm


I was wondering what the consensus would be regarding my speaker cables for my system.

I have a rather live room with modest treatment of back wall and ceiling in my living room.

I currently have audience au24 speaker cables with my wilson watt puppy 7 connected to dartzeel amp and emmlabs preamp/dac and an emmlabs transport. The cable between the amp and the emmlabs is purist dominus (which I love). I previously had nordost red dawn and the audience was far better than that.

I know that wilson and transparents are supposed to have synergy. The dartzeel is great but is not a high powered so perhaps the extra down low punch of the transparent would be a good thing. But the audience au24 has a lot of bass too and don't want to give up emotional vocal imaging! The dartzeel made my system much clearer and warmer but miss a little soundstage that I had with the lamm 2.2.



p.s. down the road I am hoping to one day get the dartzeel preamp and if really lucky the wilson maxx2 or jtinn mm2 or mm3 speakers
Michael, I just completed an exhaustive audition of cables to match my new W/P 8s and would like to offer a few thoughts:

- You have a superb system already.

- Audience Au24s are remarkable: one of the best SCs available regardless of price because of their precision and articulation especially at the frequency extremes. But the midrange is not optimal.

- If you want it all (precision, articulation, depth, dynamics, slam, subtley, focus, heft, engagement) then you should try PAD Dominus or TA Reference (or +) SCs. I have found both these extraordinary cables to work best when used with ICs from the same family.

- You love your Dominus IC (what's not to love?) so try the SC and maybe save the price of Maxx 2s.

- All said, there is a special synergy between TAs and Wilsons but primarily if you are willing to go TA all the way.

- Enjoy!

PAD Anniversary Aqueous and Synergistic Tesla Accelerator easily beat AU24 in my system. AU24 was inferior to both. Bass, soundstage, anything you mention, AU24 was behind. AU24 is a pretty good cable, but there are better cables available now that don't cost much more than AU24.
I believe the PAD anniversary acqueous is very expensive. I tried the PAD aqueous which is a newer line than venustas and they were inferior to the au24. If I was to consider the pad anniversary then acqueous expensive line then I would get the dominus perhaps.