Audience Au24 SX cables


I am looking for feedback from early adapters of Audience new referance 'SX' cables.  I have owned and enjoyed Audience Au24 SE cables for 5 plus years in my system.  

Right off the back, I notice the new SX series is using heavier gauge than the SE series. And the newer series cost almost 30% more than the SE series. I am curious to know how they compare with their long standing Au24 SE cables. 

I am currently in process of selling my Au24 SE cables so if anyone interested, please let me know. 

Happy Listening!
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Also curious about the recent SX line, specially the Low Z MC phono cable.
Do you have the SE in Low Z for MC phono cable in din to RCA ?
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Sorry, don't own phono cable.  

what gear is in your system?
which Audience Au24 cables/cords are you selling?

Happy Listening!

Please check your email for list of gear.  

Thank you!

Many Thanks! lalitik
I own the AU24 SX (L) speaker cable. I initially owned the Au24e speaker cable but did compare the SX to the SE as well. The SX is more dynamic, constricts less at the top end and has a certain ease in delivering the music. It just lets the music flow without holding anything back. I am using it with a Mcintosh MC302 power amp and am able to push the Mc pretty hard if needed without any constriction.
May I know where is the best position to use Au24 SX (XLR)? Between CDP & Pre-amp? Or between Pre-amp and Power-amp? THX!
The AU24 SX are the real deal. Simply the best cable Audience has produced, period. Both TAS and now Enjoy The Music have concurred.

If you have to choose locations for your these cables, use the AU24 SX on your source connections first.

I would also say that the Ohno series is no slouch either. Better than AU24 SE and way cheaper. What it lacks in resolution over the 24 SE it makes up for in soundstage and musicality. Dollar for dollar the Ohno is the best budget cable one can buy.

DISCLAIMER: I am a dealer, but I also have a ton of experience with the Audience cables.