Audience AU24 or Auditorium 23

New here from the UK, so be nice!
I have recently bought an Accuphase E350 amp and running it with Harbeth SHL5 speakers and looking to get some decent speaker cables.
I have narrowed it down between Audience AU24 and Auditorium 23... the latter is cheaper and does get very good reviews, but have read it has been designed with tube amps in mind.
If anyone has experience of these two brands/models in a similar set up to mine, I would be most grateful for opinions please.
Beginning to get a complex now... second time I've posted a thread and no response!... only joined because you guys seemed so knowledgeable.
Have used both with Harbeth. I preferred Auditorium. They both have a similar tonal balance, but the auditorium is more refined, especially in the highs.
note I was using tubes. With SS, both came off as too lean for my tastes. Went with Acoustic Zen and all is well.
Thank you... perfect.
Which SS amp is it you use?
Mimetism 15.2
OK thanks Meiwan.
Anyone else used either of these cables with Accuphase amps?
If not, what would you recommend?