Audience Au24 - Did any one have problems....?

Did any of you Au24 interconnects owners have any problems with your cables. Like cables stopped working? Mine (the right IC stopped working) and I believe a contact failure of some sort in the cable. Did any one experienced that before?


(I only have one in use, but it has been in use for a few years.)
Have your confirmed that its not actually a failure of the inputs and/or outputs of the components that the cable is connected to? Otherwise, it seems unlikely the cable simply stopped working, unless you somehow damaged it.
Funny that you mentioned that. I once owned a one meter pair of the Au24s. I ran them from my cd player to my preamp. On several occasions, I too failed to get sound through one channel. What I found was that the plugs were not making proper contact. Each time, I had to pull them out and re-insert them, and then things were fine. Sounds like you might be having the same difficulty. Try re-inserting them firmly. Good luck.
No. Audience all around.
Never had a problem with Audience either.

If you are sure the problem is the cable and if it persists I would consider shipping it to Audience. I am sure they will do a good job repairing/replacing the cable without much extra costs.
I have had problems with 2 separate pairs of AU24 RCA ICs. Developed noise on one channel that I isolated to one cable -- in 2 differenct pairs. Audience was VERY helpful. I sent cables back to them to be checked, with understanding that ICs might come back a bit shorter. My 1meter ICs came back at .75meter. I don't know if the stiffness has something to do with it. All in all a great cable from a company that stands behind its product.
I don't know about your particular problem but I will confirm that Audience went above and beyond to solve my problem.
Thanks guys, I am not alone I guess....there is a handling technic for removing and installing the Au24's, I should have read them long ago but I know now.

I have 9 pairs all togather in 2 systems so.....

1st time ever happened. Audience is taking care of things for me.
My Au24 IC stopped working when I had them removed during a furniture re-arrangement. I live in india and there is no way I can send it to Audience for a repair. so when I tried to fix it, I found the internal core being extremly thin, no wonder they stop working. I just love the way they create sound, but looks like it has to be handled very gently.
Ten posts here so far - include the authors, with four separate instances of issues/problems. Good lord man...that's forty percent failure (I know...I know, nothing scientific about that assumption - but, still...). For the price, you'd think they'd perform...regardless of their customer service. In all my years at this....whatever it is we do, I have never had an IC fail.
Audience has been very good, two emails and got a new replacement! They are delicate so you just have to know how to work with them.

I hope audience does place more information on their website regarding cable installation (installing and removing). I know how to work deal with the cables now.